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Sedation, Implants, Extractions
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Offering your dental patient in-house dental surgery is a winning situation for all parties involved.

  • Happier Patients - Your patients want all their treatment done where they are most comfortable- your office.
  • Increased Case Acceptance - Patients follow through with treatment more predictably with in-house services
  • Improved Profitability - A portion of the treatment fee is retained by your practice, not referred away.

Patient Care is #1

You expect your patients to be taken care of with the same level of care and compassion that you provide. For that reason, we take extra care to:

  • Provide a ample informational data and education prior to treatment in order to explain the procedure, anesthesia and home care instructions
  • Provide IV sedation for patient comfort
  • Provide personal follow up within 24 hours after each procedure
  • Offer a variety of patient education tools, both in writing and on video

How In-House Dental Surgery Works

For more than 10 years, Dr. Sam has provided patients visiting oral surgery services in the familiarity and comfort of their general dental home. Patients want to receive all of their dental treatment where they are most comfortable- your office. In a relationship based dental practice, you promise your patients these things:

  • The best dental care available
  • Value and convenience
  • Exceptional patient service

Dr. Sam and his team help you deliver on these promises, and have done so in hundreds of dental offices over the years. Our safe and efficient systems ensure that your patients receive the level of expert care they are accustomed to in your practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us Today

Contact Dr. Sam today to schedule a demonstration on how simple it can be to boost your production, create happier patients and offer more services in your dental practice. The best and quickest way to contact Dr. Sam is by email at, or you can call (312) 532-9691


OK, I’m interested in your services. What’s next?

We can have a chat on the phone and then set up a meet and greet at your office. I will send you pertinent information like my dental license, malpractice insurance, federal and state narcotics certificates, my CV and such. You can give me a tour of your office so I can get a feel for the “lay of the land” and see if there is anything additional I might need to bring.

We can also talk about financial arrangements. I work on a very simple set fee basis, so you can treatment plan according to those fees and make sure your patients finances are in order.

When do we get started?

Simple. As soon as you have a patient scheduled! In our first meeting, I’ll give you a list of open days that you can schedule some patients on, and once you do, shoot me an email, text or call and we’re in business. There’s no limit to what you can schedule on your first visit. Just give me heads up before hand, so I can make sure to bring all the needed instruments, materials and drugs.

How often can you come to my office?

Up to you. Each office is different, some have me come in on a set day per month to do all the surgeries, others are twice a month and some are on PRN basis for one of those tough cases you don’t want to deal with. In summery I’m flexible. I only ask to make it as efficiently scheduled as possible so everyone would be satisfied.

Do I need to buy anything specific for you?

You really shouldn’t. I bring all my stuff that I need with me. Sedation medications and disposables, Extraction instruments, Implant motor and implants, along with the bone grafting materials as well as all emergency medications . I also have my own AED, O2 tank in case your office doesn’t have those already . So all I need is as follows:

  • A Patient
  • A well trained, CPR certified assistant
  • Some disposables (Medium size gloves, Masks, Patient napkin/bib, surgical suction tips, Lidocaine, Septocaine, 27G Long needle and 2×2 Gauze)

How can I deal with Dental and Medical Insurances?

First and foremost, you have to understand that I’m not IN-Network with your insurance at your office (Even if your office is contracted with those PPO or HMO plans), so you’ll be billing using your normal usual and customary out of network fees. You do that by billing under your office Federal Tax-ID number along with my name as the provider and my NPI number. This way, you can get the most benefit out of the insurance companies and you get the reimbursement checks to your office directly.

What codes should I use when billing to those Insurances?

Here’s a list of the most commonly used codes… If there’s other procedures to be done, I can discuss the proper coding with you or your billing department at the time.

IV Sedation

  • D9239 IV Sedation, first 15min
  • D9243 IV Sedation, each additional 15min
  • D9243 IV Sedation, each additional 15min
  • D9243 IV Sedation, each additional 15min
  • D9612 Therapeutic parenteral drugs, two or more administrations, different medications


  • D6010 Surgical placement of implant body: endosteal implant


  • D7210 Surgical Extraction, erupted tooth requiring removal of bone and/or sectioning of tooth, and including elevation of mucoperiosteal flap if indicated
  • D7220 Removal of impacted tooth – soft tissue
  • D7230 Removal of impacted tooth – partially bony
  • D7240 Removal of impacted tooth – completely bony
  • D7241 Removal of impacted tooth – completely bony, with unusual surgical complications
  • Bone Grafting
  • D6104 Bone graft at time of implant placement\
  • D7953 Bone replacement graft for ridge preservation – per site
  • D7951 Sinus augmentation with bone or bone substitutes via a lateral open approach

How are we going to deal with complications?

Post-Op surgical complications are a real hassle for offices and I understand that and that’s why every patient gets treated properly with good tissue handling and enough post-op medications according to the procedure. They also get access to this website which has all post operative information from Rx info, to what to expect, to written post op instructions to videos of what to do and how to take care of the surgical area. And Above all that, all patients take my information that has my personal cell phone in case of an emergency or they have a question when the office is closed instead of rushing to the ER.

Now that being said, those patients are still your patients and we share their responsibility. So if it is a simple dry socket irrigation or suture removal, etc.. then the patient is to be seen by you for that. But if you see that it is more that, such as debridement of a post surgical abscess or removal of a failed implant, etc.. then I’ll be more than happy to come out to your office at no cost for these follow ups.

How do you get paid?

I work on a very simple set fee basis that we can discuss once you’re interested. I’m paid by draft or check the day of treatment while your office handles the billing and collections.

How can I get a hold of you?


24/7 Cell Phone: 312.532.9691

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